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ActionScript 3.0 TextField Style and Event gotchas

Yesterday I ported some experimental syntax tree code I’d written in C# over to Flash and ActionScript. It’s a tribute of the richness of ActionScript 3.0 that such code could be ported so easily.

To test the code out I needed to be able to input text. No worries. Add a TextField.

It’d been a while since I’d done this in ActionScript, and I hit a couple of “noob” gotchas that can even get an old dog like this one. So in case you’ve hit the same problems, and are being misled by the documentation, here are a couple of pointers…
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Online Flash Games & Software Best Practices

Some thoughts on external assets in flash web games.

I’m getting close to finishing porting the first of many games to Flash and ActionScript 3.0 and I’m rapidly discovering that years of computer science wisdom don’t apply in the flash game development and publishing world.

Dorothy I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more. Read more…

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