The Dog House

I’m determined to bring some quality cool stuff to the world. Matt Coubrough

At the moment that means hacking at a few apps, blogging about development, and sharing some links. In the future, who knows?

By day I write code to control broadcast television graphics systems. Mostly I do that with Javascript, Java and Python. By night I develop games with the excellent Unreal and Unity Engines, write native apps for android, make web apps with node and React, and dabble in whatever is the current “language du jour”. I often revisit old C++ projects, write the occasional Shader, create, rig and animate 3D models and generally trawl the internet learning stuff. Lately I picked up an old 1982 48k ZX Spectrum, and have found my inner-retro gamer, even having a crack at writing a game in Z80 assembler to relive my youth. I also have an elaborate modding project on the go for that venerable game Age Of Empires II.

Often I wish there were more hours in the day! I love coding, especially coding about code as exhibited by my isometric Flash game Scrambled. Sadly Flash is dead, but it’s still playable on my website if you’ve got Flash enabled. If you’re a coder please give it a try and fire back some feedback, nothing sharpens the mind quite as much as trying to put together subroutines for Cody the robot, and very few people have managed to make it all the way to the end.

You can check out some musing on my blog. It doesn’t get updated nearly as much as I’d like it to, because I’m usually busy doing things rather than writing about them!

I’m based here in Auckland, New Zealand, and enjoy hearing from people around the world.