I am a passionate game developer in my spare time. This is where I’d like to share some of them. Unfortunately (as most hobbyists can probably attest) taking something from “playable in your development environment” to “bug-free and ready for all” is a major step.

I have about half a dozen on-again-off-again game projects in the pipeline.

  • Bambo – a 3D game where you play a bad-arse bipedal deer.
  • Beer Hunt – a 3D game where a thirsty polar bear hops melting ice bergs in a desperate quest to keep cool in the face of global warming.
  • Cathedral – a classic board game that you can play solo or against friends on your android device or the web.
  • Highland Pipe Band Minefield Catastrophe – a game where bagpipes come up against buried bombs.
  • The New Zealand Wars a total-mod of Age of Empires II allowing you to pit New Zealand Maori tribes against Colonial armies.
  • Sailing Navy an accurate 3D simulation of naval combat in Square Rigged Sailing Ships.
  • Back from The Brink a hybrid board-game/phone-app where you try to save endangered New Zealand birds.

Until these get released (and don’t hold your breath), you can play my old Flash game Scrambled here in your browser if you’ve got Flash enabled:

Click here to play Scrambled

This is a port of a game I wrote some years ago. 

The game itself is a clone of the puzzle-game Lightbot, but features more sophisticated puzzles and extra odds and ends… It’s pretty much Lightbot with all the bits I wish Lightbot had had! Here’s the obligitory screen shot:

click to enlarge