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The needs of the many? Fedora Consistent Network Device Naming

I’m writing this because of a change to Fedora networking that has caused me annoyance and wasted time. If you’re reading this perhaps you’ve been affected too?

I’m talking about ethernet interface naming… many people who’ve upgraded their Fedora installs will have asked the question “what happened to eth0?” Why are my ports now named “p135p1″ (and other odd and confusing names)? The ethernet interfaces have been renamed because somebody decided that logical port names based on the type of device should be changed to names based on the location of the device(?!). If this seems like an illogical case of the cart driving the horse to you, then you are not alone! Worse still, the new default location based naming scheme doesn’t even work properly in many cases (like my atom machine).

If you are simply looking for a way to return to logical names like eth0 and eth1 then skip to the fix at the bottom of this article by clicking CNDN fix. If you want to know more, you can read this wee rant about the linux network device naming… Read more…

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